U.S. flag should fly highest

While watching the 11 o'clock newscast recently, I saw an incident that I just had to write about. An American soldier, probably a veteran, cut down an American flag in front of a store because the owner of the store was flying a foreign flag above the American flag.

This is a breach of flag etiquette, it conveys disrespect for our country. No foreign flag is to be flown above the American flag in the United States. I feel that the man has every right to do what he did, and if I were there, I might have done the same thing.

I have nothing against the flag of Mexico, but I do object to it being placed over the flag of my country. If the Hispanics don't like that rule of flag etiquette, they can go back to Mexico. I can't believe that this veteran might get in trouble because the Hispanics are going to boycott something. Wake up, people! This is America and I respect my flag and the boys who are dying for our freedom under this banner. The owner claims he is an American citizen. If he is, he should have known better, or at least, taken the trouble to find out the proper placement of the flags before he put them up.




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