Foreign flags shouldn't fly at U.S. public institutions

I do not understand why the UNM administration would apologize to the Mexican consulate for someone having taken down and torn up the Mexican flag. That pandering offended me more than the flag being torn up.

Isn't this the U.S.? Isn't the American flag the one that should hang in front of buildings here? Why was the Mexican flag allowed to be hoisted in the first place? This is not Mexico, and I, for one, was offended that it was flying on the campus in the first place. I really do not care where you are from or what you celebrate, but just because it might offend someone, does not make it right to hang another country's flag on a public school campus.

I agree that the fellow who tore the flag might have been misguided, but he was right. The place for a Mexican flag or, for that matter, any other country's flag, is not at the top of a flagpole at a public institution in the United States. If you are here, in the U.S., in New Mexico, then you are in the U.S. and have to respect our country.

If you do not want to respect this country, problems and all, then it is fine to move to the country of your choice. But as a taxpaying citizen of this country, I do not want any other country's flag flying on a public school campus. I am a liberal Democrat, but these are fighting words.

Apologize to Mexico? I believe the apology is due to the citizens of this state. This has nothing to do with hate crimes or not liking someone. This is about standing together as Americans and realizing how precious our freedoms are and how hard many people fought in order to keep those freedoms for all of us. I do not want to live in Mexico or any other country, but if I did, I would not expect them to allow me to remove their flag and hang mine. Respect goes both ways.


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